Business Transactions

Crain Law Firm concentrates on three major practice areas: estate planning, probate matters, and business transactions.

The probate court decides matters of life and death for you and your family members.  Crain Law Firm helps you to administer the estate of a deceased loved one, but we also help you obtain the authority to care for vulnerable family members with guardianship and conservatorship actions.

Estate Planning

Practice Areas

The IRS takes a simple position: If it moves, tax it.  Crain Law Firm helps you minimize that tax burden when your business is on the move -- at startup, upon a sale or other liquidation event, and at dissolution.

Probate Matters

Estate planning uses your last will and testament, trust arrangements, powers of attorney, and similar tools to control your assets when you no longer can.  Crain Law Firm helps you to lend your wisdom to your family to make your wealth last for generations.